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Life doesn’t stop. Life changes, work changes, and Your life has changed. You want something different, but maybe you’re stuck on how. How will you do it? You are not wrong to be stuck. Your path to progress may not be obvious or it’s filled with what if’s that are holding you back. I can help you adapt to personal, relational, and professional challenges



Is Your LIFE Changing?

If you are like many women, a part of you is looking for answers. Life has changed or maybe you need for something to change. What must you know or learn to step into this new future – because you are stuck right now. How will you handle this?  




Your child is struggling with behavior or emotions. Maybe your child is having problems at school or with friends or family. Or are they anxious, depressed, angry or scared? As a parent, you want to do what is best for your child, but what is the next step you can take to help your child?

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What is a Flourishing Life?

A flourishing life is different for everyone

---  it's fulfillment, a sense of well-being, and connecting with others at a deeper level.

Are you looking for more joy and fulfillment in your life? Improving the quality of your relationships? Feeling strong and emotionally healthy? Achieving more in your life, but you just don’t know how?  You are not alone. We all want to be happy, to see and be seen, but at different times in our lives, we may feel stuck or face change and challenges.   

Where do we most commonly get stuck in our lives? 

Dealing with our feelings, or the feelings of those around us! 

  • the ability to identify and regulate our feelings, 
  • the resilience to learn new strategies for coping with change and stress, 
  • the ability to communicate our needs and desires

 These are all skills that I can help you learn and develop.

I am keenly aware of the many issues facing women, children, and families today.  My clients include individuals working on transitions, behaviors, spirituality, and trauma. Their personal and professional concerns include emotional wellness, stress management, family and relationship issues, anxiety and depression, trauma, grief, ADHD, and anger management. 

I specialize in helping women and children develop healthier and more balanced minds, relationships, and lifestyles to live their best life. It is my passion to walk alongside you as you navigate the changes and challenges of living, working, and loving.

This is your life – So let’s make it Flourish!


What Is Standing In Your Way?


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