Caren Coleman, woman, counselor, therapist, coach

Caren Coleman, MS, LMHC - Owner


I'm happy you are here… because You’re the reason I do what I do. My passion is assisting children, adolescents and adults in finding their way starting wherever they are. We are meant to Flourish and you are unique in your potential to create relationships and a life that thrills you. 

The Official Line:

Flourish was founded to provide professional services designed to help individuals thrive. We all struggle at times. Coping skills empower you to face the fears that stand in the way of your success. I am a licensed counselor, as well as a National Board certified counselor and coach. I have over 2,500 hours of training at the Women's Center focusing on the psychology of women and working with children and adolescents at the Child Guidance Center.  I am able to bring proven methods to best help children, adolescent and women regulate their emotions, behaviors and lives.

Wellness is my focus to help clients heal and restore in body, mind, and spirit. Clients say they value and are drawn to my  strengths based, positive restructuring approach to counseling, especially when they are working through a transition such as divorce, empty nest, career change, motherhood, retirement, or other life change. My goal is to empower women and children, help them through difficult life events, discover their strengths, and take better care of their minds and bodies.

The Bottom Line:

I believe that you can use your unique strengths and creativity as a source of healing. We all have unique stories, and I like to help clients rewrite theirs.  Before earning a Master’s Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, I worked as a lawyer and educator. I know from personal experience about the dynamics of living and working in a stressful environment - and how fulfilling it is to find balance and meaning in life. Helping people optimize their well-being has been the common thread throughout my life.

As a lawyer turned counselor, I am an advocate for helping others realize the truest version of themselves, shedding the constant self-doubt, anxiety, and insecurity that so many of us face on a daily basis. 

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