Many children struggle with how they feel.


Is your child struggling with behavior problems or emotional difficulties? Are you feeling concerned, frustrated, or discouraged as a parent?

 All children have a need for loving adult guidance as they develop, learn and grow. Yet even when parents and caregivers provide a nurturing home environment, sometimes children still need extra support when problems affect how well they do, feel, or behave. They may have  problems with friends, family or school, or are anxious, depressed, angry or scared and need to talk to someone, but find it difficult to talk to people they know. I help young clients feel supported through difficult experiences, cope with painful emotions, improve behavior, and develop better ways to handle life challenges.

Counselling can help children cope with everyday worries, such as exam stress, and relationship issues with friends, family members, and teachers. Counselling can also help with anxiety, behavior, ADHD, self-harm concerns, grief, anger, bullying, and depression. The good news is that many behavioral and emotional issues affecting children of all ages frequently resolve with specialist child counselling. I help children develop their resilience, self-esteem, emotion management, and social skills to successfully overcome childhood challenges. 

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Are you concerned about your child's mood? Are you worried about the decisions your child is making? The teen years are a period of rapid development and intense change. Young people are confronted with a confusing range of physical, emotional, and psychological developmental changes – growing up can be a tough business! For some, the challenges encountered can seem overwhelming. Teens are facing more pressures and stress than ever. Let’s work together to help your child to a healthier and happier place, where they’re empowered to reach their greatest potential. 



 A strength-based approach to ADHD recognizes—and values—that many incredibly special qualities tend to accompany your child's very real challenges.  I can help unleash these inner "super powers” in a way that allows your child to feel successful and competent on his or her own terms. Informed by a personal and professional understanding of ADHD,  I specialize in the unique challenges of ADHD by helping your child discover adaptive skills and coping strategies that play to his or her individual  talents and strengths.